An Onion at Large


since tumblr refuses to properly post this gif, i had to place it under a text post so um voila

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Ewan McGregor and his 43 years on Earth! (Inspired by this!


Keep going on, Ewan! 

Your old Master. How to commune with him, I will teach you.

What a cute guy >333333 !!!

Ewan McGregor before, while and after flying in a jet in the BBC documentary, Battle of Britain. He looks like a boy who takes plane for the first time in his life.


You never forget your first time…at the Oscars! 
Before tonight’s big show, look back at stars’ first time attending the big show! 


Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Minnie Driver on the set of Good Will Hunting (1997)



Ewan McGregor on the set of the Star Wars prequels.